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100W COB LED Lighting Phase-Change
Product Information:
Model Number: CSA0025C-B01
Dimension(mm): ∮200X80
Cooling Surface(mm²): 459891
Cooling Performance(lm): 9600~12000
Thermal Resistance(℃/W): 0.35~0.5
Dissipated Power(W): 80~100
Weight : 1.68 kgs/3.64 lbs
Material: AL6063-T5
Surface Treatment Options: Anodized Black or Silver; Electrophoresis Black

100W COB LED Lighting Phase-Change Heat Sink Module

Features :

Best Cost/Performance Custom Solution for 100W COB/SMD LED Lighting; Thermal Resistance 0.35~0.5℃/W

Phase-Change Type Super Heat-Conductor Heat Sink (Sealed Vacuum Column)

Super-fast Heat Dissipation Effects by Patented Sealed Vacuum Column

● Comprehensive and Uniform Heat Transfers from Heat Sink Column to all over Fins

Flexible Adaption with Multiple Choices of COB or SMD LED Modules

● Advanced Surface Treatment for Best IP Rating and Corrosion Protection

Custom Color Options: Anodized Black or Silver; Electrophoresis Black

Great Varieties of Applications: High Bay Light,Down Light,Grow Light,Grow Light,etc

(Mounting Angle can't more than 45° base on Phase Change Technology limit)

Product Dimensions:

Heat Dissipation Simulation:

Phase-Change Principle Diagram:

Simulation under Cree CXB3590 COB -100W

Power =100W Ta=25 Tc=62 △T=37 Rca=0.37℃/ W

Mounting Way Instruction:

Temperature Rise Curve:


A great variety of applications in High Bay Light,Down Light,Grow Light and more.