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Along with the increasing requests for extra protection from the fan applied in salt and marine environment; we realize Ingress Protection (IP) is becoming more common kind of protection in the market place. COOLTRON R&D team has developed several IP rating options to meet our customer’s special requests. As each IP rating provides different level protection functions from dust and water, here we’d like to interpret the definition of IP rating and how to choose the right one for your application.


IP Classification & Definition

Electric motor IP (ingress protection) classification is a measure of the capacity of the motor to resist ingress of dust and of water. Objects, dust, or water may get into the motor providing they cannot have any detrimental effect upon its operation. In other words, IP rating is used to specify the environmental protection – electrical enclosure – of electrical equipment.


Two numbers follow the letters IP. The first digit defines protection from solid objects and the second digit refers to protection from liquid.


The following examples are fairly typical classifications of fans used to drive general-purpose fans. The descriptions are shown with the below photo instruction. 


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