New High Performance DC Fans from Cooltron
2015-08-25 21:22:36 admin

WALNUT, CA (Sep 12, 2011) – California-based Cooltron Industrial Inc., a leading supplier of standard and custom AC and DC fans, trays, and accessories, has a new line of high performance DC fans released. This new high performance DC fans feature a reinforced core structure with metal tubes by using premium materials, long life bearings, and cutting edge designs.


Designed especially for high end applications such as cloud computing hardware, telecommunication equipment, cloud systems, fan trays, medical equipment, and solar energy system, these high performance DC fans deliver a much higher airflow and static pressure than a standard DC fan of equal size. This new performance line is now available in dimensions of 40x40x28mm, 60x60x25mm, 80x80x25mm, 80x80x38mm, 92x92x25mm, 92x92x38mm, 120x120x38mm with 12, 24, or 48 Voltages.


Each DC fan is fully customizable to fit every application. Additional functions that can be designed into the fan include – FG and PWM. Other options include alarm high/low, auto restart, thermistor, and IP protection. For more information, please visit Cooltron’s website for more information about High Performance DC Fans.


About Cooltron

Founded in 1999, Cooltron is an US company that specializes and manufacturing of AC and DC axial fans and blowers. The goal of delivering high-performance thermal solutions applicable in every market leads many industrial organizations to choose Cooltron. Currently, Cooltron offers the broadest range of AC and DC axial fans in the world. For more information on Cooltron, please visit or contact us directly.