Cooltron Introduces Four New Big-Size Models of Axial AC Fans
2015-08-25 21:18:11 admin

Cooltron Industrial Supply has introduced a new line of big-size selection of Axial AC fans with four models to meet some specific applications and expand fan market business. The AC axial fans line is characterized for its superior performance features such as inherent low noise operation, high temperature endurance, capable of up to 70ºC and long life expectancy, making it ideal for telecom and industrial applications. .

Available in 172x150x38mm, 180x180x65mm, 180x180x90mm, and∮254x89 mm, the line of big size AC axial fans are rated for operation at 115 and 230VAC at 50 to 60 Hz, available in speeds from 2550 to 3300 RPM, and flow output from 233.5 to 835 CFM. Units can be specified with terminals or lead wire.

Each fan comes standard with long-life maintenance-free dual ball bearings. Fans can be upgraded to perform in stressful environments that have liquid and dirt. All models are manufactured in compliance with RoHS and processes to meet global expectations for environmental responsibility, qualified for the standard of International Protections Rating (IP): 22, 43, 44, 54, and 55.

A variety of large applications for Cooltron big-size Axial AC fans include use in commercial equipments, data centers, heat pumps, cooling units, cabinet and enclosures, home appliances, air ventilation and industrial settings. With sophisticated mechanical design, the fans run cooler and quieter, require little or no maintenance and are easily speed-controlled.

Product Description - AC Axial Fan

1. 172x150x38 mm to ∮254x89 mm
2. Up to 835 CFM
3. Thermal Protected
4. Metal Aluminum Housing

FA1738-51 Series
Dimensions: 172x150x38 mm
Airflow: 198/ 225 CFM
Speed: 2900/3300 RPM
Noise: 58/62 dBA
Power: 25/32 W

FA1865-51 Series
Dimensions: 180x180x65 mm
Airflow: 342/394 CFM
Speed: 2800/3300 RPM
Noise: 58/61 dBA
Power: 56/76 W

FA1890-51 Series
Dimensions: 180x180x90 mm
Airflow: 376/434 CFM
Speed: 2800/3000 RPM
Noise: 58/61 dBA
Power: 55/77 W

FA2589-52 Series
Dimensions: ∮254x89 mm
Airflow: 780/835 CFM
Speed: 2550/2700 RPM
Noise: 68/70 dBA

Power: 97/130 W
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