Cooltron Launches ProE 3D Drawing On Demand Service
2015-08-25 21:14:39 admin
Now Available in all Cooltron Cooling Fans
Since 2012, Cooltron has provided a ProE 3D drawing on demand service with highest accuracy and are suitable for rapid prototyping, visualization, and production. With seven-month continuous efforts, our designer team has accomplished more than hundred fan models of ProE 3D drawings (see demos below), helping our customers easily check the dimensions and the interfacing eliminate problems that could otherwise arise during the installation phase.
Cooltron is very welcome to give away our 3D drawings to help our customers get their product or service onto the market with a reduced cost and quicker turn around time. Sherry Chou, the senior account manager of Cooltron, said, “Cooltron plans to have all our fans in 3D drawings loaded on our website, allowing our customers to download anytime. We will continue to deliver highest standards of quality in Pro-E drawings and focuses on solving easy to complex problems.”

Below are four samples on behalf of each fan category including AC fan, AC blower, DC fan, and DC blower: