Cooltron Introduces Fluid Lubricant Bearing System Technology
2015-08-25 21:12:59 admin
Fluid Lubricant Bearing
Many manufacturers have developed varieties of sleeve bearings that are designed to combine the advantages of sleeve bearing fans along with merits of ball bearing fans. The better known of these different bearing types include Hydro Wave by Panaflo, Hypro by Adda, Sintec by EBM/Papst, Fluid Dynamic by Sony, Vapo by Sunon, and Cooltron has innovated its own bearing system called - Fluid Lubricant Bearing.
While precise details differ, and engineers from different camps would probably debate relative merits with some conviction, the broad goals of these modified sleeve bearing technologies is to
a. reduce friction across the shaft / bearing surface,
b. eliminate the relatively quicker loss of lubricant in the bearing
c. allow great freedom in working position (i.e., not just vertical)
d. improve high temperature performance and longevity

The Operation Theory of Fluid Lubricant Bearing

FLB is abbreviated from Fluid Lubricant Bearing
Ensure that can continually lubricate by oil circulation and increase life expectancy. We select the special oil to reduce oil evaporation rate and to design a special structure to avoid leaks and ensure continuous oil circulation in the bearing and shaft.

Advantages of Fluid Lubricant Bearing

* Fixing Cap
Design purpose:
a. To reduce incursion of dust
b. To avoid the grease split out during operation
* Unique Lubricant
Low evaporation rate which reserves lubricant within shaft and sleeve longer
* Independent Sleeve Tube
The sleeve tube which is made of an unique plastic material can avoid the leakage of lubricant

Popular Fan Items

Cooltron’s fluid lubricant bearings are available in inch and metric sizes, open or shielded and flanged or unflanged. They are useful in a wide variety of applications, including extreme noise sensitive applications and medical devices.

Here we list some popular DC fans which are mostly requested to carry fluid lubricant bearings:
FD4010; FD5010; FD6010; FD6015; FD6025; FD7010; FD8010; FD8015; FD8025; FD9225
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