COOLTRON Inventory Updating Announcement
2014-07-01 21:10:00 admin
Dear Partners,
With your long-term strong support, COOLTRON Group got comprehensive development in the past many years, and the number of partners is also improved quickly with high quality. In order to ensure the efficiency of inventory updates, and to get the inventory information conveniently in time, COOLTRON adjust the rule of inventory updating way.
The announcement is as follows:
1. Cancel the previous delivery way, and it is no longer a weekly updating email
2. You will receive an email which enclose an important URL link of inventory information
3. Simply click on the link and refresh to view the latest inventory quantity
Special notes:
1. This email with URL link is only sent once by each account territory manager
2. The link in the mail is permanent
3. Inventory list will be regularly updated by COOLTRON on Monday
Thank you very much for your cooperation and support, please give us a high priority understanding.