Cooltron Announces New Distribution Agreement with Major Electronix Corporation
2012-07-30 17:30:00 admin

Walnut, CA (May, 31st, 2012) – Cooltron Industrial Supply, a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, and fan accessories, has announced the new distribution agreement with Major Electronix Corporation in Ohio. Started from 1st of June, 2012, the agreement with Cooltron enables Major Electronix to better serve their extensive customer base with a wide range of AC/DC fans, blowers and accessories.

Established in 1984, Major Electronix is a supplier of industrial power, sensor and automation products. Major maintains an extensive library of competitor and related product literature, web sites and a database. Major Electronix has a staff of 14 people in Cleveland. Major Electronix has a massive web presents for their products and gets over 6000 inquiries each month. Their solution has been to establish an open line of communication and develop relationships with their customers to support their efforts and not duplicate their sales.

“ We both saw the opportunity that the new partnership would help Cooltron to become more aware of customer needs and we have strong faith in Major’s capacity to promote Cooltron’s products through their sales force and online channel.” said Lisa He, the account manager of Cooltron. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”

Contact information

Major Electronix Corporation

33801 Curtis Blvd #110, Eastlake, Oh 44095

Tel: 1-800-966-2345

Fax: 1-440-398-0461