Cooltron and its LED Heat Sinks at 2016 the LED Show
2016-03-23 17:02:06 admin

On March 1st-3rd, Cooltron shared some heat sinks of LED lighting at the 2016 LED Show, Booth #1338, in Santa Clara, California.



At the LED Show, Cooltron demonstrated LED lighting heat sink product series. Some of them are designed by our own engineer. Those products have our own unique selling points which are:
1) Heat Pipes embedded along the heat sink base,
2) Heat pipes riveting tightly through the stamped fins arrays
3) Fins tightly inserted into heat sink base grooves.


Also, some of these heat sinks have some better features as below:

●Protection Plates with Ventilators
Easy & Flexible LED Drivers Installation
Reflector with Multiple Angles Options for Suitable Light Distribution
Tempered Glass Cover
Adjustable Multiple Angles Mounting Brackets
Lampshade Respirator Design 
Flexible Adoption of Great Variety SMD LED Modules
IP65 Rated Ingress Protection 

Except for above series, we also displayed some specific heat sinks for flood light, as well as street light, flood light and small light heat sinks which are using in different applications.


About Cooltron LED Lighting Thermal Solution

With an independent brand and core technology, Cooltron has obtained knowledge for cooling fans, blowers and accessories from worldwide customers in the past 17 years.


To cope with today’s electronics device design trends, Cooltron began adding heat sink products to its new thermal product series in 2011. Thanks to Cooltron’s dedication to technology innovation, quality reliability, and years’ over investments on manufacturing facilities,Cooltron heat sink business has grown substantially during such a short time period over recent years.


In 2015, to meet the market demand from traditional lighting to LED lighting, Cooltron thermal division devoted to develop high performance thermal module. With its own research and development capability of heat sink in the past several years, Cooltron especially focuses on high power LED lighting thermal solution.


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