Wutong Mountain, We Are Back!
2015-12-07 15:55:35 Cooltron
In October, clear and refreshing autumn weather. Cooltron family planned to climb Wutong Mountain again. This time, there was no one absence, also Steven Chiang, Sales Manager in the USA, joined this activity during his Chinese branch business

Same Activity, Same Goal:
Climbing Wutong Mountain is an annual activity at the end of each year in Cooltron. It’s super excited for the big family to join this activity, and also they would like to invite their own family members to join, like senior and youth. Cooltron believe, it is a good time for everyone to challenge themselves.

Good Family Members:
Each time, the activity was separated to several groups to help others to the top. Small group is easier to take care of each others.

Eco is Everywhere:

We are a family, and we know that Eco is everywhere. We not only picked the litter up along with the trail, but also we gave a trash bag to the people if necessary.