Cooltron Signs Distribution Agreement with LCL Electronics Corporation
2014-08-27 17:40:00 admin
Cooltron Industrial Supply, a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, and fan accessories, has announced the distribution agreement with LCL Electronics. Without in any way precluding LCL Electronics from making sales in other areas, the primary market area which COOLTRON is relying upon LCL Electronics to service is all over the US and Canada. The Market Area will also include any other geographic area wherein opportunities are serviced by LCL Electronics. Started from April, 1st, 2014, the agreement with Cooltron enables LCL Electronics to better serve their extensive customer base with a wide range of AC/DC fans, blowers and accessories. Founded in 1992, LCL Electronics started as a small distributor working with repair facilities. “In the past 19 years, we have established ourselves with local and Fortune 500 companies by working with them and understanding their problems and applying solutions for the products we represent. Most of the manufactures’ on our line card were established in this manner,” said by LCL management. “Rather than pursing manufactures to give us their line, we asked our customers what problems they were having and found solutions with the manufactures we now represent.”
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Territory: all over the US and Canada

Office: 2446 State Route 49, W. Monroe , NY 13167 USA

Tel: 1- 315-676-2000

Fax: 1-315-676-7406